What About Time taught me about the secret of happiness

About Time posterIf you have not seen the movie “About Time” then beware as this post might contain spoilers. On the other hand I hope it also highlights one of the positive messages from the movie.

It will not spoil the movie for you to know that Domhall Gleeson’s character – Tim – can travel back in time.

The movie’s time traveling plot is enjoyable but what struck me most was towards the end where Tim’s Dad, played by Bill Nighy, gives him the secret of happiness. I believe that this secret is open to us all – and without the need for time travel.

Below is a clip edited from the movie that illustrates this secret of happiness.

What is the difference between the two visits to the sandwich bar? In the first Tim seems preoccupied. He’s wrapped up in his thoughts. He barely acknowledges the server and I think you can see that there’s no real contact between Tim and her.

But what about the second time, when he’s noticing how sweet life can be? Now, he’s smiling. He is engaged and you get a sense of connection.

What was the difference? Circumstances hadn’t changed. He was still buying his lunch. But he wasn’t lost in his thoughts. Rather he was noticing the present moment. And that allowed him to connect with those around him.

According to the Three Principles we are experiencing life through the medium of our own thoughts. They paint a picture and Consciousness brings this to life in our experience. So when Tim is present enough to notice the server, he is able to feel a connection. His smile and that felt connection can literally change the world. That is the promise of the Three Principles – when we see that our experience comes from the formless principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, then we can be present and awake to the everyday miracles of life that surround us.

The closing quote from the film is worth repeating:

QuoteWe are all traveling through time together every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable life.

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