What can you learn from low moods?

Caution - low mood thinkingWe all have low moods. It’s part of life. Moods vary all the time. Sometime we are up and sometimes we are down.

The Three Principles teach us that we experience our thinking from moment to moment. In fact we live in our own thought created experience ALL the time.

So when we are in a low mood we tend to have low quality thinking and our feelings are not great. We may be anxious, frightened, stressed, nervous or constricted in some way.

These feelings are the opposite of those we get in a high mood. Then we tend to be loving, caring, compassionate and expansive.

Low mood thinking is constricted so we are not getting new information. Our stale thoughts tend to cycle round and round. That is a good indication that our thoughts are not to be trusted. It is not the time to address problems, make important decisions or fix your relationship.

Best to ride it out. As the Three Principles also teaches us, new thought is always possible. IF you are not hanging onto your low mood thoughts, and realize that they are just thoughts, then eventually a new thought will come along.

The good news is that the system is designed to reset itself back toward health. Your next thought might be wiser, and your mood may begin to rise.

Once your mood is higher, the quality of your thinking will improve. THEN you can act because you have access to wisdom that simply was not available when your thoughts were stale and constricted. That wisdom, the innate intelligence of the system, is always there – it is only our personal thinking that stops us from seeing it.

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