Shut up already

Know when to keep your mouth shutIf you have ever had an argument with someone you love then you’ve probably said one or two things that you’ve regretted. (If not then you’re someone really special!)

Here’s some advice that comes from Sydney Banks’ Three Principles understanding. That understanding says that we create our own experience from our thinking. Sometimes our thoughts are “revved up” and block our access to the wisdom that comes to us from the energy of the universe (Universal Mind). When we are “revved up” our thinking is not to be trusted.

Let’s look at this from the perspective of moods.

Have you ever noticed that your moods go up and down? Of course you have. And along with these mood swings, the quality of your thoughts vary. Low mood tends to bring poor quality thoughts. High moods go along with high quality thoughts.

So in the midst of an argument you are not likely to be having high quality thinking. Time to shut up!

Unfortunately most of us, me included, usually feel like we must say something. Our very feeling of urgency is the clue that we should not trust our thinking.

Next time you’re in an argument watch out for that feeling of urgency. Then see if you can catch yourself before saying anything. That advice alone has improved many a relationship.

The time to deal with an issue is when you’re in a good mood – both of you. That way you will be more likely to get new thoughts about the issue and find an amicable way forward.

Let me know what you find in your own experience.

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