How I ended my misery over Les Mis

Does Les Misérables create misery?It is fascinating how you can be blind to aspects of your own thinking even when you understand the principles behind human psychology.

According to these principles, we feel our thinking. So if you’re happy then it’s because you’re thinking happy thoughts. Conversely if you’re sad then it’s your sad thoughts that are behind the feeling.

I understand this and yet there are times when I miss making that connection completely.

One instance for me is the musical Les Misérables. My wife, Sue, and daughter Siân, both love this musical. And I have not. So much so that it became a family joke. It was misery for me even to think of going to see Les Misérables.

But that wasn’t about my thinking. No Sir! It was the fact that the music was annoying.

Of course if I had thought about it I would have known that this could not be the reality. Not only did Sue and Siân love the musical but thousands of others did too.

That is how this thing works. We each live in our own thought created realities. For some Les Misérables is lovely; for others it is horrible. The difference is our thought about it.

Recently, we were in London and Sue and Siân wanted to see Les Misérables. This time I came along with an open mind. And to my surprise I found myself not only enjoying the experience but humming the tunes afterwards!

I didn’t force myself to do this. I didn’t sit in that theatre seat and repeat affirmations (“I must appreciate the music”). Merely by understanding the nature of my psychological reality, and how thought creates my experience, I was naturally open to a new way of thinking about Les Misérables.

I am sure that this will not be the only blind spot I have about how my experience comes from thought. After all I haven’t even begun to let go of my judgements about Andrew Lloyd Webber but at least I know it is possible.

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