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Thought is not reality - Sydney BanksIt’s funny how our realities can be so fixed and yet change in a heartbeat.

For instance, there’s a story about a man on the subway in New York. This man was annoyed because there were three unruly boys running up and down, shouting and laughing loudly.

But what really annoyed the commuter was that the boy’s father was just sitting there. He seemed unaware of the annoyance created by the boys.

The longer this situation continued, the more annoyed the commuter became until finally he couldn’t hold his tongue any longer.

He got up and went over to the father.

“Can’t you control your sons? Can’t you see that their laughter and horseplay are annoying everyone?”

The father looked up.

“Yes… sorry. I didn’t want to stop them having a good time because when we get home I am going to have to tell them their mother just died. I wanted to listen to their laughter…”

Change here for…

Change is only a thought away.

One moment your reality is all about those unruly boys and their negligent dad. Those thoughts are brought to life and experienced as feelings of annoyance.

The next moment your reality does a flip and your thoughts are painting a different reality. As a result your feelings change too. Concern and sympathy replace annoyance.

Thought is not reality

You may think that the commuter’s judgmental thinking turned out to be false – the reality was the father and the boys deserved sympathy not judgement.

But consider this: do we ever know the whole truth?

So as Sydney Banks said:

“Thought is not reality; yet it is through Thought that our realities are created.” – The Missing Link

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  1. i love this. it is so true that we tend to make (usually) negative judgements about people and situations that we can never have the whole background story to. we never can in fact know the whole story about an other. compassion and (as my mother would call it) the ‘benefit of the doubt’, is usually the best way to look at an aggravating situation.


  2. Belinda, thanks for your comments. Your mother’s advice still stands! If we all paused enough to allow for the benefit of the doubt to arise then things would go smoother.


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