hat tip

What is it about hats? Men’s hats, I mean. There was a time when just about every man wore a hat. I don’t know if I’d like those days to return. Imagine if they did.

Just imagine

We’d need to learn a whole new etiquette. Tipping our hat to ladies. When and where to take the hat off. How to wear it. Straight, tilted back or forward, or at a jaunty angle.

Would men wear their hats indoors? If not we might see the return of the hat and coat check. Or hat stands?

Personally I don’t like seeing men wearing their hats in restaurants. Mostly they’re baseball hats. And if you’re past your teens there’s no excuse for wearing a baseball hat. [Perhaps if you are playing baseball, I’d allow that.]

Cars might need more headroom too. [Is that why cowboys drive big trucks, so as to have room for their stetsons?]